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How to map a shared SkyDrive folder as a network drive in Windows

  1. Open the folder in the skydrive site using the browser (it would be under Shared menu on the left). The url will look something like: Now the “cid” query parameter in the URL.
  2. Right-click on Network (in windows explorer), then “Map Network Drive”
  3. Specify Folder as:[cid]/[folder_name]. For the sample URL above, it would be (note the folder name isn’t in the URL, you need to know it beforehand, and it has to match what it’s named on the site).
  4. Check the “Use alternate credentials” option in the dialog:


  5. Click Finish. Enter your Live ID credentials when asked. Done!


Not everything works that great (i.e. copying large files via drag&drop doesn’t work, renaming folders, etc., at least in my experience), but it’s pretty darn convenient most of the time. I’m not sure the same thing works for your own personal folders. I don’t use SkyDrive at all, but it certainly does for shared ones (nice when you need a simple way to share docs within a team, privately and without requiring any software to be installed for syncing…).





  1. hi Daniel

    thanks for this post really pratical and easy to do

  2. Usefull information very good!

    No need for other online storage solutions for me now!

    If possible I will upgrade my Live account to a Pro version with more space and/or faster connection.

    Soedesh (Microsoft Certified System Administrator)

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  4. Thanks Daniel. Worked like a charm. You’re awesome!

  5. Thnks for your useful note

  6. Thanks for the tip. It has made SkyDrive much more useful.

    I have two step verification so I needed to generate an app password.

    I was able to link to the root of my Skydrive by leaving out the folder name.