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TechEd Barcelona 2006: Designing Zero-Code Adaptive User Interfaces (UIs) for Windows Mobile

I will be presenting some of the work I did for the patterns & practices Mobile Client Software Factory. It's been very fun to work on that project, and I plan to share as many tips & tricks on how the amazing Orientation Aware Control does it magic as attendeeds dare to ask ;-) . After doing extensive research, I think this control is the only one (and with free source) that showcases some really advanced custom control development in general and in particular for the mobile platform. Session details:

DEV342 Designing Zero-Code Adaptive User Interfaces (UIs) for Windows Mobile

Daniel Cazzulino
- Fri Nov 10 10:45 – 12:00 Room 121
Designing mobile applications that support multiple form factors and resolutions is probably one of the most time-consuming and challenging aspects of mobile development. It is also the one that differs the most from traditional desktop application development, where simple docking or anchoring is usually enough. The Microsoft patterns & practices Mobile Client Software Factory comes to the rescue in this area, with the Orientation Aware Control, which allows designing and coding a single control with multiple layouts or skins, that are automatically applied at run-time (and design-time) according to the available form factor, resolution and orientation. You will learn not only how to apply it successfully to your projects, but also how it was implemented, directly from its core developer. With its outstanding Visual Studio forms and user control designer integration and zero-code adaptive UI behavior, the Orientation Aware Control is a must-have companion for any mobile developer. Being distributed in source form, it also makes for an excellent real-world example of advanced (mobile) custom control development techniques.

This will be a sample / source code driven session, with just a few slides to set the context.