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Why Visual T4 is the greatest T4 editor in the world

Unlike every other T4 editor out there, Clarius Visual T4 is the only one to embed the actual C# editor inside the T4 code blocks. This may seem like irrelevant implementation detail to some, but let me show you why it’s not.

First, your language settings are fully honored, and not just because we read them and use them for our own editor (like other editors may do), but because it’s the built-in C# editor doing the work!



Tooltips as usual in C#:


Intellisense on APIs as usual in C#:


Parameter info as usual in C# code :)


Pretty good indenting!


Full support for VERY complex includes! (the EF one has 2200+ lines)


Full T4 directives intellisense with tooltips, as you’d expect:


Can add arbitrary assemblies an get their intellisense too:


Can build any LINQ query you fancy with full intellisense:


Use your favorite code snippets as usual in C#:


With even full anonymous types support:


And Intellisense of course:



But even more important, ALL of your third-party editor productivity extensions are ALSO available right there, improving your productivity even when writing T4 code.

You can see below the very handy Quick Add Reference in action, working from inside a C# embedded code block:


Or the Regex Editor, used to edit a regular expression inside a C# code block:



In short, unmatched, uncompromised, fully integrated T4 editing. And for a limited time, it only costs $9.99! Go get it while it lasts :)



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  2. When I try to purchase this, I get all the way to the payment screen and when I submit I only get an error of “You have already signed up with this account information.”


  3. Please ignore my previous message. PEBKAC.

  4. As for the code in the t4 blocks this is the only way to do it right, i suppose, but visual t4 seems to be lacking syntax highlighting for the output blocks.
    Very unfortunate.

  5. We still receive
    the preview version of visual t4 is expired, at my work
    in Visual Studio 2010 with version 2.02 of Visual T4, will this ever be fixed in Visual Studio 2010 or will we have to wait until we can install Visual Studio 2012?

  6. Bought Visual T4 Editor… There is no way to download it from DevStore. Should I get an email with download instructions? If so? How long does it take?

    Richard Brown

  7. Bought Visual T4 Editor, because it is the best i used. But now doesn’t work. I reinstalled my computer and now I can’t activate full version of Visual T4 editor. Is there any solution? Should I get an email with download instructions?

  8. In our T4 templates there are generally two languages present:
    1) C# that executes at generation time to control what the template outputs
    2) The actual language being outputted

    For example, we have a series of templates that produce HTML pages. Is it possible to have syntax highlighting and code completion for the HTML?

  9. Hi. Is this tool current and still supported? I can’t find any current references/downloads for it. I saw that part of Clarius had been acquired by Xamarin, and wonder if the tool is still available.