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X1 vs X220 side by side specs that matter

Is it just me or the X220 is just plain better in almost all relevant fronts?

  X1 X220
Chipset/CPU Intel®   Core™ i7-2620M Processor (2.7GHz, 4MB L3 Cache) USB 3.0
    Core™ i5-2540M Processor (2.6GHz, 3MB L3 Cache)
  Core™ i5-2520M Processor (2.5GHz, 3MB Cache) Core™ i5-2520M Processor (2.5GHz, 3MB Cache)
    Core™ i5-2410M Processor (2.3GHz, 3MB L3 Cache)
  Core™ i3-2310M Processor (2.1GHz, 3MB L3 Cache) Core™ i3-2310M Processor (2.1GHz, 3MB L3 Cache)
Display 13.3” HD (1366×768) Super Bright (350 NITS) (non IPS, *glossy*!) Display 12.5" HD (1366×768) LED Backlit Display
    12.5" Premium HD (1366×768) LED Backlit Display (w/ extra bright wide-viewing angle IPS display)
Memory Up to 8 GB DDR3 1333MHz (1 DIMM slot) Up to 8GB DDR3 – 1333MHz (2 DIMM Slots)
Weight 1.69 kg (3.73 lbs) < 1.3kg (3.0lbs)
Dimensions 337mm x 231mm x 16.5-21.3mm 305.0mm x 206.5mm x 19-34.6mm
Battery Life Up to 5.2 hours with integrated battery Up to 15 hours with a 9 cell battery (8.5+ hours with 6-cell, 18.5+ hours with 9-cell reported)
  Up to 10 hours with slice battery Up to 23 hours with the 9 cell battery along with the ThinkPad external battery pack

The only thing that looks (potentially) better on the X1 is the redesigned keyboard with backlighting…

Sigh… still waiting for a real no-compromises 13’’ from Lenovo. But the X220 is very very close. I’m as happy as one can be with my X201, so I’ll probably just skip the X1…



  1. The deal breaker on the X1 is it has only one memory slot. Yes 8GB is the maximum memory but having 8GB on the machine raises its price about 50% whereas 8GB on the X220 raises its price only 10%.

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  3. X220 seems better. X1 seems more like a fashion stuff.

  4. They’ve updated the x1 chipset options to include the i7, so they’ve leveled the playing field on that front. Biggest advantages for the x1 now seem to be 1) it’s almost 1.5cm thinner at its thickest, and 2) the larger screen.

    I still agree though: that doesn’t outweigh the 220′s advantages in 1) battery life (3x the x1), 2) weight (3.7 lbs) and 3) price (similar specs: x220 is $1900 vs $2500 for the x1).

  5. The non-IPS of the X1 gets bad remarks in almost every review I’ve seen. Also, seems to me the X220 beats the X1′s keyboard for people who use the arrow keys a whole lot (programmers), so I still think I’m going to go for the X220 even if back-lit keyboard sure would be nice!

  6. I own both, my first brush with the X1 was accidental as I was seeking to acq

  7. I own both, however migrating from the X61, the choice was naturally the X220 but due to unforeseen circumstances I ended up with an X1 and though my mind was stuck to the X220 longing for a fantastic battery life and small form factor I was sort of forced to use the X1 for my daily work. After 5 months and then some I finally did get my X220. However the experience of owning both these fantastic machines has made me arrive at some critical decisions. I would try to bring some sense to my experiences using as little words as possible. Migrating from an extremely small X61 to a X1 was an experience in itself, the X1 with the 13.3 inch screen, Dolby surround sound, backlit keyboard has a presence and personality that just cannot be ignored, it’s a machine that looks, feels, smells like a pedigree that demands respect and pampering, and exudes an aura that screams don’t touch me if you haven’t taken a bath with lavender soap and are not dressed in a full 3 piece suite. This is just the presence but when one tends to use it on a regular basis then the first feeling is why didn’t I have this machine before, let’s talk human / machine connectivity, if a person uses the laptop for typing novels and thick journals and books then there is nothing better than to feel the extremely agile and beautifully styled keys of the X1. They have such a natural flare to be touched and caressed let the thoughts flow and become words is what it allows one to do. In short the X1 is not your gun slinging Mr. Action yuppie computer machine, it is a board room strategist machine, a thinkers machine, it is for someone who lights up a cigar and gazes deeply in the wild blue yonder thinking of wonderful things to come and then types it all using the wonderful keyboard, it is a private Lear jet, or a custom built limo with all the luxuries and amenities and a short skirt beautiful blonde hostess serving you dry martini’s to your heart and eyes content. Now in comparison the X220 is just the antithesis of the X1, the first time my fingers touched the keyboard I could sense the words ‘Go baby go’ ring in my ears, short, stiff, ready for the race tightly clumped keyboard with just the right amount of sensitivity for the road warrior who is always pressed for time, there is always some report or presentation that is on the verge of delivery immediately at the next stop. The X220 made me feel like sitting in Ferrari or Lamborghini, all the power in small encased shell, silently screaming to be pushed and drive out that adrenaline and arrive to impress the chicks all around. The feeling is sitting in a fighter jet, no luxuries, no amenities, you are required to do a job, ‘just go and do it’ attitude. When I read people comparing these two machines on their internal components, I feel there is so much missed and in a sum it is not a fair comparison. In a limo one is not bothered about what’s under the hood, it is the experience that matters, while in a sports car what’s under the hood and zero to sixty are the paradigms. So my friends when you decide to buy an X1 or an X220 just do keep in mind, a laptop has to match the nature of your work, you don’t wear a track suit to a business meeting, neither do you jog in your suit.

    • Hi Jehania,

      Firstly a beautiful nick. Then a big thumbs up for your poetic review.

      I am still undecided between these 2 machines because I do need a tad wider screen than the 12.5″ offered by x220 ( Otherwise the x220 has everything I am looking for except ofcourse the backlit keyboard for which they have given a crude option of a thinklight ). So my choice came down to x1 . Then I read quite bad reviews about the screen quality of x1 compared to the IPS of x220 and about poor battery life of x1 ?

      Do you think these points are such a big deal breakers. Besides I presume both machines do not have a DVD writer ?

      Thanks for your reply.


    • No DVD, right. The light for the keyboard actually works surprisingly well. And the screen is fantastic on the x220. I can work on direct sunlight without problems

  8. I own both laptops, and here is my opinion on both.

    As a student I rely most on battery life, portability, outdoor computing, and of course a geeky look, the X220(my Linux machine) delivers all that in a small package and I really enjoy it. But you just can’t deny the build quality of the X1(my Windows machine), it feels great, the keyboard is the best I’ve ever typed on. Battery life is not good on X1 compared to x220 but rapid charge technology kind of compansates that.
    I usually leave my X1 in dorm room not only because of that premium business look that people joke about, but because X220 does a better job.

    1. Portable
    2. Amazing battery life(i use 9cell, and get roughly 12hrs on ubuntu)
    3. Nice display for outdoor use
    4. I like how it looks

    **the most boring part of x220 is the touchpad, i usually switch it off when typing because a simple touch disturbs a lot.

    1. Beatiful
    2. The best keyboard(+backlit)
    3. Form factor and build quality are gorgeous
    4. Rapid charge battery saves a lot of time(0% to over 80% in 30minutes)

    **The gorrila glass(glossy) on X1 display is so annoying, viewing angles are horrible, and it can’t be used outdoor
    **used to have fan noise but lenovo fixed

    It all comes down to personal preferences, and for me it all goes to x220.