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Integrating a VS Package with a VS Shell application

 After we create a VS Shell application using the new VS solution template shipped with the VS 2008 SDK 1.0,


The following solution structure is created:


Now we can customize the VS Shell Application and hit F5 to see it running.

So far so good, but up to this point we only have the shell and we need to add the behavior of the application.

For this post I am going to assume that the behavior of our VS Shell application is going to be implemented by a VS Package.

So we add a new VS package project using the existing VS SDK project template,


We implement the behavior of our application and finally we integrate the package with the VS Shell application.

VsShellIntg4 VsShellIntg5

After adding the VS Package as a Shell Dependency and compiling the application, the package assembly and the pkgdef (automatically generated) are copied under the \PackagesToLoad directory:


The last thing is to hit F5 and see how it works!!!