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SFT: the bridge between GAX, GAT, DSL and DSD

For the last couple of months the SFT Team at Clarius has been working hard to get the first Clarius Software Factories Toolkit CTP bits out of the door for the community to have an early peek.

We’re aiming at making the Clarius SFT a must have companion for the Microsoft Software Factories platform, helping you integrate and develop using tools like Visual Studio, GAX/GAT, Distributed Systems and DSL designers.

Some of the cool stuff that is included in the very early preview is: GAX Scripting and Eventing, DSL Integration, MetaFactory replacing GAT, WiX-based generated Setups, support for VB developers, etc.

If you’re into developing solution which combine the above mentioned technologies, believe me, you can’t miss it. Take a quick look at

for more details.

Also, to celebrate our first public CTP we’re giving away one copy of MSDN Team Suite subscription between all people that tell us how they’re building software factories today (no matter which technology they’re using). This will run for the next 12 days only, so hurry up and check the website mentioned above.